Since Vapur West opened its doors it has been our goal to provide a high level of customer service and consideration where everyone feels like good friends and family.  We welcome all levels of vapors from those who are just starting out to experienced rebuilders.  We provide a relaxed and knowledgeable atmosphere for our customers through experienced and passionate staff who care about people making the transition to vaping.  We offer quality hardware and liquids and the ability to sample all liquids through the use of store-provided sample devices or through dripping for those using rebuildables.


Vapur West is locally owned and operated by Vincent Lalli and his wife, Lexie.   Vince and Lexie are both transplants to the Kansas City area (Vince is from Boston and Lexie is from Canada) and know what it is like to be in new situations.  It is because of this that they strive to provide a personal connection with each customer in making them feel both welcome and comfortable in their store.

Vincent opened the doors of Vapur West in May 2014. Since then he has met and helped hundreds of people successfully stop smoking.  He takes great pride in hearing the success stories of all his customers. As a licensed pilot, he holds several ratings and enjoys flying when he can.

Vincent Lalli - Owner

Lucas is the Store Manager and was first a customer.  It is said that he was here so often, that we decided to offer him a full-time position.  Lucas's experience has been invaluable to the operation of our business.  He has a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of vaping and provides exceptional customer service.

Lucas Stickney - Manager

Grasshopper is a local comedian and musician that we were lucky enough to snag for a part time gig.  You can find him holding down the fort for us most weekends.  

Grasshopper - Sales Associate

Piper is our local mascot and Director of Human Resources.  She helps to keep our employees in line and make sure that all company policies are followed.  We get many solicitation calls at Vapur West... most of the time when they ask for the owner's name, we tell them it's Piper.  If you're calling here looking for Piper as the owner, you clearly have not read this page.

Piper Lalli - Director of HR/Dog


7703 NW Prairie View Rd

Kansas City, MO 64151


Mon - Sat: 11am - 7pm​​

Sun: Closed



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